We Are Creative Nerds

For your application to succeed, you need a killer design, smart business strategy and a pool of talented development team. Good News - you have come to the right source.

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Crafting Creativity

Creativity always sells! Designing raw product into visually appealing reality is what we are good at.In short we help you to build your own brand.

Building Future

Technology is luxury! Our products provide such luxury in an affordable and easy way.We are also open to retailing the products as long as our aim is accomplished.

Strategic Consulting

Business should sustain! We help you grow your business with right tools.The race is quite competetive and we help you win it.

Meet Shubo

Inspires us to be humble and hardworking.


Are you passionate about your business or about any idea that has to be exceuted?Meet us over a coffee,explain the concept and rest is on cattpre.Oh yes coffee too!


Every cattpre project starts with collaboration.We imbibe your information,collectively define the project,set goals for the weeks to come and deisgn the metrics to success.


A project is truely never done! We often need to move it in the right direction.Cattpre checks in with the team and clients to keep the pace.When the project ends our relationship surely doesn't, we are always around for support,drinks & to discuss about your next big thing!